Drunken-drawn wow comics. There are two different types of comics here,
Just straight up comics and read along posts. Read along posts feature art
drawn to reflect the story being told.

The Sick Hunter

Why I Don't Raid

Read-Along Posts

Patchy Things - A look into the hour of twilight dungeons, crappy nightelves.
Druid Worgen Shit - After making a worgen, my first alliance, faction differences and worgen ugliness.
Winter's Veil! Pass The Eggnog - Festive drunken art, santa drops good loot.
Forsaken Obsession - My obsession with the forsaken race, I would makeout with one.
Bots and Shots - While dungeoning, we discover our healer is a bot. Trolling ensues. 
I'M BACK YA'LL  - My Triumphant return, I start healing.
Dearest Dreamy  - I decide to race change dreamy to a tauren.
Oh Mah Gah!  - Excitement after creating my undead hunter. Why are there so many damn troll druids?
Rum Raiders  - Ridiculous guild nonsense, noob raiding and dying.
Vodka + PvP  - Drunken PvP awesomeness, or I just think I'm awesome...yeah probably that.

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