Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've been neglecting this blog for a while, to be honest I just kind of forgot about it in the midst of not having time for it. However, I'm going to try to make some more time to keep this thing going, and hopefully play WoW a bit more than I have been.

Alright here we go.

Since my last post, I've already gotten pissed off at Dreamy becoming a tauren, she was fat and I was mad at her for letting herself go. I also just missed her being this dainty little thing who gets drunk and begins yelling things like "I DON'T GIVE A HOT PISS" in the middle of Org. As a tauren woman it's a little more intimidating, as a little bloodelf, it's just silly. ALSO, it was a lot harder to hit on undead guys, they don't seem to like burly tauren women. SO, she's a bloodelf again, and ontop of that I've turned her into a full-time healer. SO SEXY.

Our guild is also dying, which is shitty since we really want to raid and do all the new content. I miss all those people, but there are still the few of the die-hards in the core group still active and trying to keep the guild afloat. It just sucks that most nights or mornings I get online and end up like this.

Yeah that's pretty much the way it is. BUT, I'm excited about the new transmorg thing and the raid finder in a way. I'm thinking the raid finder will end up being a complete disaster 90% of the time. I am not a fan of pugging dungeons and now we're going to be pugging raids? The only thing that makes me want to do this is the fact that people in my guild pugging this are going to be trolling so hard, I just know it. Drunk on a saturday night, 4-5 of us pug a raid and with the new transmorg feature, I will show up like this:

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