Thursday, December 1, 2011

Patchy things.

Last night when I got into the game we had a few people on, so naturally we wanted to run the new dungeons. They all went pretty smoothly, and the guild leveled up (AWESOME). There was much fun to be had, especially the last of the 3 dungeons, where you are turned into night elves. For a good while we were standing there messing around, dancing and talking about how much we collectively hate night elves, and it kept going through the whole dungeon.

We plan to do more over the weekend, along with some raids. I was looking around org though and messing with the transmorg feature, which was pretty awesome, albeit a bit expensive. I also noticed everyone with that new mount for signing up for the annual pass. I wanted it! I don't revert to my girlish roots often but certain things make me do so, and I end up like this:

Although there's another thing in the game that I want but I freak out in the direct opposite way. Tarecgosa's Rest, you know, it makes you turn into this thing? I can't even use it but I want to be able to turn into herrrrrr. I've seen two people with it so far. Seeing as how I will NEVER obtain this, I console myself by telling myself she's an ugly hooker dragon.

That bitch IS a skank dragon.

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