Friday, May 13, 2016

Recruiting for RWBS in LEGION

JOIN OUR GUILD! Hordeside, Earthen Ring <3


Guild Application Questionnaire:

Instructions: Read the shit here. Then answer the questions to the best of your drunk/high-ass ability, copy and paste to an email and address it to

Rollin with Bob Saget is and has always been a close knit and chill guild since 2010. We raid and PVP when we want to, usually drunk as shit and have fun regardless of what we do. No pressure to perform and high focus on the mentality of "fuck it" and 200% booze and drug consumption before BGs and Raids. If you want a place to have fun and not give a single fuck then we are the guild for you! All we ask is you be accepting and we'll be accepting of you....and probably drunk. SO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND DON'T FUCKING LIE, I'LL KNOW. jk, I don't know shit but here's some questions:

1. Have you ever watched "my 600lb life"?


2. Do you enjoy eating four loko?


3: Whatchu know bout Stephen Hawking?


4: Hotdogs


5: mmmmmmwhatchasayyyyyyy?


6. You want a spot of dick and custard?




8: Remember that fat wrestler from the 80's named Dusty Rhodes?


9: Who's your wow Bae?


10. Favorite Disney Movie?


11. Favorite booze?


12. There's a train heading east from Djibouti, Africa at 200mph and a train heading south from Hamfeast, Germany at .05 miles per second, at what time do they collide in Shanghai, China and under what conditions? Was Mariah Carey there? If so, What song did she sing to remember all the people who died? 


13. You ready to get re-drunk?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WARSONG: A Warlords of Draenor Drink!

Today we'll be making a fantastically twisted, strong and energizing rum and coke. Named after the clan of both Garrosh and Grommash Hellscream, Warsong is a very strong beverage guaranteed to take down the biggest and baddest Orcs.

Let's begin with the ingredients you'll need!

Kraken black spiced rum, maraschino cherries, black cherry Kickstart and cherry cola.


1. Take a tall glass and add ice

2. Drop in 3-6 Maraschino cherries depending on taste
(or how many you're willing to eat after they soak in rum)

3. Add 3 shots of Kraken rum

4. Add 3 shots of Kickstart

5. Top off with cherry cola

6. Enjoy!

I hope you guys like this drink, and more will be coming soon. To be totally honest, there was another shot I had planned on posting today, but after doing some quality control I deemed it disgusting and unfit for my peeps. It was supposed to be a Hozen-themed chocolate-banana shot but oh lawd, I couldn't get down with it. I have been testing Warsong all day and I have to say, I'm enjoying it.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead! - Short update.

Just wanted to pop in and make a very quick update. I was going to do some new transmog sets for today but after spending about an hour dicking around in Mogit and discarding multiple sets, I realized I just didn't have it in me today. THE SPARK WAS JUST GONE OK!? I'm also happy to say we have two new guildies who are fans of the blog (much to my surprise, I didn't think many people actually read this unimportant, non-informative nonsense) but we're glad to have them! Shout out to Chaysen and her husband, and welcome to our guild! The guild is slowly awakening from it's deep slumber as I'm starting to see more and more people becoming active again.

ENOUGH ABOUT ALL THAT. Soon I'm going to be making some new drink recipes for the expansion drop and I'll be working on new comics and red along posts I'm sure with all the new shiny things to experience! Until then, Have a fabulous rest of the day (of the dead).


Now to go pick up on some hot undead guys.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two New Transmog Sets!

I really enjoy a lot of the purple gear in WoW and I actually started one of these sets forever ago (Dreamy is currently wearing half of the female version). Then I wanted to make a male set of the same type, so I did that today and decided to post them both as brother and sister sets! They really remind me of the Twilight's Hammer Clan with all the black and purples (thus the names). Both sets are similar in color schemes but pretty different as a whole. The male uses darker bluish purples and the female uses lighter pinkish purples. Feel free to use whatever set on whatever character you want though! they look good on everyone of any gender I think!

First up we have the male version (click to enlarge):

Head- Acherus Knight's Hood is bought from Quartermaster Ozorg in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Chest- Goldtalon Chestguard is from a quest in Townlong Steppes called The Point of No Return from an NPC named Ban Bearheart. It should be relatively easy to complete since it's not part of a long quest chain(remember when questing to spec properly to obtain the gear you need in this case INT gear).  Just hope you haven't done it. If you have done it however, there are some other options that also look just as nice such as Doomplate Chestguard and Breastplate of Raging Fury.

Waist- Beech Green Belt  is sold by your friendly neighborhood Legacy Justice Quartermaster. Rugok in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow in Stormwind. Bogslayer Belt is also very fitting of this set but is one of those dreaded random world drops, so check the AH or get to farming for it in outlands.

Legs- Goldtalon Legplates these, like the chest piece are also from a quest in Townlong Steppes from a quest called Seeing Red from an NPC named Suna Silentstrike. I think the quest for this one is right before you head over to Ban Bearheart to get the quest for the chest. (remember when questing to spec properly to obtain the gear you need in this case INT gear). If you've done this quest or can't spec for int plate you can also use Legplates of the Violet Champion  and Dreadnaught Legplates  which I personally think match better but they are a black market AH item and cost a ton. ugh.

Hands- Goldtalon Gloves again from the quest line in Townlong Steppes called The Endless Swarm from an NPC named Taran Zhu. This one looks like it comes after the leg and chest piece quests. (remember when questing to spec properly to obtain the gear you need in this case INT gear). If you've done the quests or can't spec for INT then some other options for gloves are Coldbite Handwraps (another quest item but for STR gear) and Veincrusher Gauntlets.

Feet- Stillheart Warboots These are a bit harder to obtain because they come from heroic Dragonsoul, but i'm sure with the new expansion it will become easier and easier. We three manned it the other day on normal and we're not super amazingly geared or anything so I'm sure after another 10 levels heroic will be easy.

Shoulders- Brackenshell Shoulderplates Another Dragonsoul item which drops in heroic from Morchok.

Back- Periwinkle Cloak This is always optional because I know some people don't like cloaks (I usually don't wear them myself but I figured I'd include one in case you guys enjoy them) it drops from Lady Naz'jar in Throne of Tides.

One hand- Breeching Comet Really, really cool one-handed axe from Magisters' Terrace dropped by Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Shield- Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight dropped from Sindragosa in ICC heroic.

Now on to the ladies!

Head- Acherus Knight's Hood is bought from Quartermaster Ozorg in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Chest- Doomplate Chestguard dropped by Harbinger Skyriss in the Arcatraz.

Waist- Bogslayer Belt is a random outlands world drop but can most likely be found in the outland dungeons. The Underbog looks like your best bet and don't forget to check your AH!

Legs- Acherus Knight's Legplates are bought from Quartermaster Ozorg in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Hands- So I made a boo boo with the hands, in this picture they are Dreadnaught Gauntlets which I honestly think look the best for this set, but I know most people aren't willing to camp the black market AH and pay an arm and a leg for some damn gloves. SO I've picked out another fitting pair for the set. Darkrune Gauntlets look lovely with the set and are easy to obtain. They're made through lower level blacksmithing or can be obtained on the AH.

Feet- Footwear doesn't really matter so much with this set because of the long dress, as long as it's dark/black in color it really doesn't matter.

Shoulders- Crystalforge Pauldrons I really adore these pauldrons <3 You obtain the token for these pauldrons (Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion) in The Eye from Void Reaver. You can then take the toke n to either Kelara or Veynna Dawnstar in Shattrath to exchange it for these amazing shoulder pieces.

Back- Periwinkle Cloak This is always optional because I know some people don't like cloaks (I usually don't wear them myself but I figured I'd include one in case you guys enjoy them) it drops from Lady Naz'jar in Throne of Tides

One hand- Netherbane another amazing looking weapon, really, I am in love with this. This is also dropped in The Eye from the first boss Al'ar.

Shield- Aldori Legacy Defender dropped by Gruul the Dragonkiller in Gruul's Lair.

I hope you guys enjoy these sets and there will be more to come soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dreamy's Guide to the Strangest Booze in Azeroth!

So I've spent the past few days ransacking Azeroth while looking for the strangest booze the world has to offer. I'm sure I may have missed some, so if I did let me know if you've found any interesting drinks that I didn't include here. There were some that were considered quest items or only usable in certain areas in the world which I didn't include because fuck that! you should be able to drink wherever and whenever you want, damn it. While doing my research last night I did what any normal scientist would do and got wicked drunk at the dark portal. HERE WERE MY FINDINGS:

This rum turns you into a drunken Hozen pirate for about 30 seconds. It's cool but the only thing that kind of sucks is you can't move at all while shapeshifted. You basically just sit there and look pretty. You can get this drink by finding the recipe in a special barrel in Karasang Wilds (coordinates 52.5, 88.7) There's a spawn timer on the barrel that's about 1-2 hours so if it's not there you may have to wait it out. When you open the barrel you'll get the recipe for the rum and 5x Banana Infused Rum. So if you just want to try it you still can with no cooking required.

Moonglow is one of my personal favorites because it's just so dang pretty!  It causes you to glow and sparkle blue and gold for about 10 seconds. Unfortunately it can only be found during the Lunar Festival event (January 20th-February 3rd) and is normally sold from the event vendors for 15 copper. Fortunately it IS tradable and won't disappear after the event so check the AH or alt banks to see if anyone managed to save some. Luckily I'm a pack rat and found a stack in Dreamy's bank. 

Disgusting Rotgut doesn't really do anything special, I just found it funny that they included it in the game. Rotgut is described as "Poor-quality and potentially toxic alcoholic liquor." Also, for some reason the only way to obtain this is to pickpocket certain mobs with level ranges from 83-85. I really wish that when you drank this it caused you to immediately drunken vomit. *sigh* MISSED OPPORTUNITIES BLIZZARD.


This one is just silly but it also gives you a fabulous fishing buff because everyone knows that booze and fishing go hand in hand. To even catch a fish you must at the very least have a beer in hand, fish then know you are a true fishing master and hurl themselves at you like desperate bar skanks. ANYWAY,  This is made via a cooking recipe that is generally obtained through the bags you get from fishing and cooking quests. If you haven't gotten it yet, you'll have the best luck with completing your city's daily fishing quest and obtaining it in the Bag of Shiny Things. For the recipe itself you'll need Skin of Dwarven Stout and Flagon of Dwarven Mead which are both sold at the World's End Tavern by Kylene in Shattrath for horde and basically everywhere for Alliance.

This one is pretty fun, it causes you to turn into a spectral pirate! Apparently this also turns your mounts spectral as well so feel free to mount and ride around in full spectral glory. Warning for druids though, if you shapeshift with the buff it will be removed :(  This grog can be found on the timeless isle and is dropped by Rattling Mariners and Spectral Pirates. It's also tradable so you can check the AH (though it might cost you a bit there, I think they're generally at least 20-40 gold for ONE on my server)

If I had a regular drink in WoW this would probably be it. The strongest drink in the land! This immediately gets you completely smashed after one drink. FINALLY, A WAY TO BE INSTANTLY WASTED. This wonderful beverage is sold by cute little Auntie Stormstout in the Stormstout Brewery. If you go into the dungeon she will be immediately on your right. She also has a few other fun alcoholic drinks you can play with only inside the dungeon. They are all a tad expensive but it's good times.

Another of my absolute favorites! We have stacks of these in the guild bank, man. This little shot gets you pretty drunk and also sets you on fire for a few seconds. Originally this shot was only sold in Blackrock Depths by Plugger Spazzring who is a neutral NPC that is attackable so be careful not to kill him before buying your booze. Now you can also buy these drinks from Rare and Luxury Drink Vendors for both Alliance and Horde.

Another drink that doesn't do anything besides get you drunk, but I enjoyed the reference and I really love Hozen. This is based on the popular tequila Jose Cuervo. It's dropped by tons of mobs throughout Pandaria,

I discovered this one by accident actually but it's really one of the best if you ask me. Really the only thing it does is get you drunk and put a red blindfold on your character. The nice thing about it is there's actual lore behind it but sadly it is also probably the hardest to obtain. The brew was created by a blind Pandaren named Ren Yun the Blind. Here's what the page has to say about Ren Yun and his creation of the Four Senses Brew:

To learn this recipe you have to travel to the top of  Kun-Lai Summit. There you will find a small shrine with a statue of Ren Yun and a few items scattered around it. There is a tablet you can click on and loot the Tablet of Ren Yun. The tablet acts as a recipe and you can learn it from that. Now, that was the easy part. To make ONE of these bad boys you need to first of all have 600 in cooking : Way of the Brew, then you need to brew it up using 100-year old soy sauce, rice flour, black pepper, a Pandaren peach and 200 red blossom leaks. That's a lot for one drink! I actually had my boyfriend make this for me (Thank you my darling!) because I never really gave a shit about cooking once MoP hit so I never leveled it to max. DOH. These suckers sell on the AH for upwards of 500 gold (GET REAL).

10. I'm out of drinks currently in game, but during my research I came across two drinks in particular that look like they are going to be added in WoD. The first is Sailor Zazzuk's 180-proof rum which I'm thinking may be a shout out to Sailor Jerry's rum which is also a higher proof rum than most at 92 proof. This drink will apparently be found in the Spires of Arak. The second drink I found was called Hol'bruk's Brutal Brew. This one looks more interesting because the use tip on it says "Take a sip to take on the guise of a Highmaul Ogre." I'm not sure if this is meant to be a quest item or if it's simply another sweet ass transformation booze (here's hoping). This one will be found in past Nagrand in the expansion supposedly and will be dropped by  Hol'bruk the Brewcrusher at a 100% rate.

That's all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed it! As I said before if you've seen any interesting booze in Azeroth, feel free to share in the comments.

and now watch as Dreamy runs drunkenly into the Iron Horde.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And We're Back!

Lots of new things coming! I have a bunch planned so stay tuned. Hold on to ya butts while I redesign and dust things off.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hey guys. I'm around still. I plan on rebooting this thing come Warlords of Draenor. Honestly it's been a bit depressing around wow with our guild dead and just basically grinding LFR. Got a druid to 90 and I really love her. Also started trying to level a god damn alliance AGAIN..I think she's like 60 now? yeah.

So I hope you guys are well. I miss working on this blog but my life has been all over with working and going to school again. Trying to balance those things with a social life and personal time to work on art is enough as it is without dealing with a blog. Since this blog isn't really that popular anyway I figured it's not a big deal to put her on hold for a while.

I do plan on making some more content soon, but like I said time is really limited now and whenever I make posts I work on them for hours to come up with an idea, make art, thoroughly design and link mog sets and even go out to buy items for shot/drink ideas. School is almost over now and I'll be changing jobs to something with much more freedom and downtime. so within the next few months I'll be settled down again, then the expansion will be on its way and we can return to the land of drunken paladin love.

Until then!