Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, THE SHATTERING HAPPENED. It was all very exciting and people were excited and exciting changes happened. Everything changed and new race/class combos became available!!!!!!!!!@!@23234242

Sidenote: I have been waiting to create an undead hunter for a long time. Ever since I heard they were going to be available I have had an alt devoted to collecting things for him, holding heirlooms, engineering things (because I wanted him to have goggles and guns and look SUPER COOL STEAM PUNK UNDEAD HUNTER OH YEAH!!) and I've even had another alt there JUST to reserve the name I wanted for him.

The night of, I log in and.....


I excitedly leveled him and loved him and wanted to get him the COOLEST PET EVER. So after I hit level 10 I began to look for cool new pets. On my way I came across a diseased bear of some sort and figured I'd try out my new tame pet ability! woooo.

I tame him and name him "BeepBeep" and I love BeepBeep already, he's so fat and cute, and he's just an all around cool bear. However, I wanted a raptor! Dinosaurs are so awesome and I knew I could get one in the barrens, so I put BeepBeep away and went to the barrens. After exploring and falling into that GOD DAMN CRACK IN THE ASS OF THE BARRENS I figured I'd just tame one and get out. I named him Cheesesteak and I love him just as much as Beep Beep. To show you how much I love them, here is a picture of them dancing together:


Enough of that. Later, I couldn't help but noticing almost everyone around me were troll druids, my guild was filled with them, the questing zones I was in, cities, and even all my friends were turning into troll druids. Don't get me wrong, I looooovvveeee trolls and I loovvveee druids....but WHAT THE SHIT.

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