Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter's Veil - Pass the Eggnog

Winter's Veil is upon us again! I'm not even sure how many years it's been for me. This is my...3rd or 4th year I think. ANYWAY. I've still yet to get all of the achievements and I'm going for it this year. I MUST OBTAIN THE PURPLE PROTO. The only problem I've had with all the holiday achievements are the PvP portions. I don't PvP much, well, unless I'm drunk, and normally when I'm drunk enough to PvP I'm also drunk enough to forget all about anything like achievements. At least I don't think I have too many Winter's Veil achievements left to go, which is nice.

I was thinking earlier today about holiday bosses and if Winter's Veil has one, but for the life of me I couldn't remember. Then I thought about how awesomely funny it would be if we had to fight Santa or some shit like that. You'd have to go into a North Pole-like dungeon, there'd be trash like reindeer and elves, then out comes Santa holding his bag of loot. OH SNAP.

It would be good times, trust me.

Also, I was thinking of doing a contest or giveaway christmas thing on my blog but I think it's still too young for a following of any sort, so I will have to put away my ideas for next year. Hopefully by that point I have at least a handful of people following this shit, even if it's only crackheads and invalids willing to read my drunken psychotic rambling. I WILL HAVE FESTIVITIES FOR YOU MY BELOVED CRACKHEADS.

Oh yeah I just had one more picture to post. I was leveling my Undead hunter with my boyfriend's Goblin warrior last night and I started doodling him, before I knew it I had doodled all my characters. This kinda looks like shit ( especially the coloring) but HEY it's my cute wittle characters. BAWWWW. Frikky and Dreamy are my favorite.

We got:
Dreamy - Holy Paladin | Frikky - BM Hunter | Flu - Fire Mage | BopBop - Holy Priest

I think we might be running the second half of Dragon Soul when I get home in LFR. Then maybe level my Frikky! WOO. Excite. I'm going to have to stop and get some energy drinks. Amp is my energy drink of choice, the red kind. OH MAN, so good.

WELP. See ya tomorrow guys.

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