Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bots and Shots

Last night me and 3 guildies decided to run our lowbies through dungeons, so we queue up and get scholomance. We get a priest as a healer who we immediately begin to talk to, because we're quite the social lot. He doesn't say a word, so we're just like "What a jerk!" and we go on. Later we start to notice weird things, like he ONLY uses his biggest heal, and one after the other after the other. He goes OOM FAST, and he's all decked out in heirlooms. There was no judgment on his side, even if the tank was hurt a tiny bit...BIGGEST HEAL. So we're like "Dude you don't need to heal so much, thats why you're going out of mana so fast." He said nothing, but continued to only use his biggest heal and drink after every SINGLE pull.

At this point we started wondering if the thing was actually a bot. It just had NO common sense. It never jumped, walked into walls, walked in patterns. It was easily tricked into running downstairs instead while we were in the same place upstairs. It always walked around obstacles instead of jumping over like we would do. SO, naturally we wanted to fuck with it. We lured it around into mobs and we must have killed it about 10 times. Watching this thing operate was hilarious.

I may be posting a video of it soon since it was recorded partially. I have to get out of here though, tonight I'm going drinking with some fellow guildies, tomorrow I'm going to a concert with some more guildes. FESTIVITIES SHALL ENTAIL!

Peace out you crazy cats.

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