Our Guild

Tonight I decided to talk about the ups and downs of a small guild, as well as the history of our own. It's an important issue to me, especially because I don't think I could play the game without my guild, they're all my good friends and they make the game what it is for me. Sure I could join another guild, but I don't think it would ever be the same. So, this is a bit of an out of context serious post....FUCK YOU IT'S MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT. Besides, I like reading about other bloggers on a more personal level, so here's my piece.

Our guild started mid wrath on a pvp server, Arthas. Originally 2 friends and I began to play, it was my first time playing while they were veterans of the game. We were in a few guilds that ended up being antisocial or we were just to rowdy for them. Eventually, one drunken night we decided it's time to start our own. We were writing down names, taking shots and laughing hysterically at the things we were coming up with. I'm trying to remember some of our original ideas, I think one was "Booty Bay Brawlers" some of the more ridiculous ones I'm having trouble with. We ended up landing on OH BOB SAGET Mostly because we were watching:

at the time. We were bored with latin names, boring meaningless "epic" type of names. Names that were essentially generic RP fantasy crap. Sure, it's a fantasy RP game, but come on man, I can only deal with so much "Shadow Stalkers" or "Fire Element" or "Dragon Dicks" WHATEVER. Anyway, we decided we'd had enough of a PvP server and wanted to move.

We had some great times on the pvp server, ganked many and were ganked in return many times. Trolling was rampant, and it was glorious at times. At the time, we realized the guild wasn't growing much and figured we'd switch to a PvE or RP realm out of pure disgust for the community on our current server. We were to be moving to earthen ring and joining another guild, a very large guild. Upon arriving on ER, guildless and in awe of how different the community on an RP server is, we joined our new guild. I'm going to keep this guild nameless. I have nothing against anyone within the guild itself, it just didn't take long for us to realize it was all wrong for us.

It must have been only about 3-4 days later we all left. It was a massive family friendly guild. There were so many people that no one was ever familiar. We tried to talk but it had to be really watered down in guild chat. We were silenced and warned A LOT. I was silenced once for telling someone about a book by Richard Dawkins. I understand the man is a bit controversial, but you're really going to silence me for saying something about a book? I was NOT being argumentative or pushing anything on anyone. After so many times of people telling you to watch your mouth, you realize that these people are not the people you want to hang around.

We all left the same day, gave our reasons, and were free. At this point we figured fuck it and resurrected our guild under a new modified name. Rollin With Bob Saget was born, the name changed because 1. We were drunk again, 2. It felt new and shiny and 3. This song had become our anthem:

Over the course of the next 2 years the guild gained and lost a lot of good friends. We have our core people in the guild that have been there from the beginning and would do anything for the guild. Myself, Paul (Boulderface), Sean (Murderface) and Crom. We have a few other people now. Some switched servers to be with us. Friends in real life and friends just in game. Our guild has always been super tight knit, we know each others names, personalities, where we're from. If we don't know someone or if someone new joins, we start asking and trying to build a bond from the start.

We've never been big enough to raid, but we like to do other fun things together. We used to have a lot of guild activities, which I'd like to bring back. One favorite was Guild Suicide. We would find the highest points in the game, get naked (no repair bills!), get on our ground mounts, run and jump off! Person who landed the farthest got gold or an item or both.

We also run a shit load of old content. Old raids, old dungeons. Pretty much anything we can get our hands on. Often we have no more than 3 or 4 people online, though there are 100 people in the guild, so we 3 or 4 man things a lot.

We've had less than 10 people basically to raise the guild from level 1 to level 18 as it stands right now. (UPDATE: THE GUILD IS NOW LEVEL 25!) When our people want something they work for it. We have one guy, Sean, one of our GM's grind up 54 reps (only one more to go!) to exalted on his own to get us that dark phoenix hatchling. I dropped an almost maxed profession and leveled inscription to max in one night because we needed it for an achievement. We have people sit out an kill penguins for the crittergeddon achievement. Everyone just finding something they can do for the guild. It's nice to have such devoted people, but much of the time it gets hard when we realize we can't do any current content with each other the way we'd want to, so we just find anything else to do for fun.

Trying to recruit is terrible. Many times people realize we don't have enough to raid, or our guild is only level 18 at the moment, and refuse to join or leave. Some people have said we don't want the type of people that only care about that in our guild anyway. That's true, but I wish less people cared so much about that crap. Sure most of the time we're standing in org just talking or pissing off, but it's good people.

I do love our guild though it's filled with such fun people, everyone is insane and drunk but we all care about each other. If anyone needs help we're there to get them gear, run them through things, talk, anything. To me that's better than a big guild that raids. As much as I'd like to do current things, I am perfectly content with my guild. Besides, with LFR now available our guild has a chance to raid a bit together. Its not the same as the actual raids but at least it's something.

I have no idea but I think this is my favorite picture ever.

From the perspective of a large guild we might look stupid and lame, but we are proud of our small guild and we're having fun!


  1. This sounds like far too much fun and there is a sadness in my heart I am not on your server lol

    1. Thank you so much :) Sadly our guild is borderline dead now since the great burn out of MOP. We have a few people still hanging around, myself included. I really wish we had people around (though we never really had too many in the first place!) an almost empty max level guild is a sad sight indeed. If you ever want to make a character on earthen ring, you're welcome with open arms. We'd love to have new people, especially people who love fun :D just send me a message in game (on my character Ping) or add me on real ID Ghostnoise@gmail.com if you'd ever be interested!