Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drunken Rampage

Oh man. So, the other day I end up drinking. I wanted to kind of chill out, have a few, draw, enjoy the weekend. So I start drinking. Suddenly I'm pretty buzzed and I go on twitter, asking people for armories so I can draw terrible pictures of their characters.

After this I'm drawing a bunch for people, steadily taking shots and I'm not even close to stopping. So I get this brilliant idea that I should take this to the WoW general forums. I actually never made a thread on there before because holy shit those people can be mean....but I was unstoppable.

The thread ends up really funny and makes it to 3 pages. I returned later to see it was deleted, probably due to excessive cursing and going "HOLY SHIT I'M DRUNK I'M SORRY YOUR CHARACTER LOOKS RETARDED"

It was all really fun though, and funny, and I made some wonderfully bad pictures for people.

Good times. Good times. I do shit like that fairly often so. Just catch me on a weekend.
If I offended you I'm sorry. Oh wait NO I'M NOT.  



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Redesigned and it feels so good!

OH YES. Finally, I am pretty much done redesigning around here. I might change some things here and there but this is the nice new design. If only I can figure out how to stop everything from resizing with the window. I mean I have a widescreen monitor so it looks nice on mine, but I have no idea how messed up this might look on someone else's monitor, especially since I noticed the re-sizing issue. If anyone can help me out that'd be AWESOME.

Hopefully this makes everything a bit more organized and easier to get to. I'm friggen tired now. I was going to get totally wasted after doing this but my lover pants fell asleep and THAT'S BORING. so I guess I'll sleep too...then get totally wasted whenever I wake up. YEAH.

Time to eat nachos until I fall asleep. Nacho coma. mmmmm.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hunter PvP: Using a rhino and laughing your ass off

Lately I've been PvPing on my hunter a lot. I've discovered a super fun and super hilarious trick to use to get back at shamans windshearing you, priests mind controlling you and druids typhooning you off cliffs.


These guys are awesome for a few reasons. 

1. Rhinos are super cute
2. They are huge and intimidating!
3. They are tenacity and have a lot of health

I am a beast mastery hunter through and through (YEAH, WHAT, YOU WANT TO FIGHT ABOUT IT?), I ain't changing for no one, so this isn't an issue for me, but please do be aware these pets are considered exotic, and so you will need to play a BM hunter to use them. They have a special skill called "Horn Toss" and that's how they throw you.

So make your way over to Borean tundra to pick yourself out a cute little rhino. (There's alternate rhino colors as well you can check out over at Wow Petopia.)

Then you can start launching the other rhinos into the air for fun!


Yes, I named my rhino Davidleeroth. It's so hilarious sending a fat ass rhino after people named Davidleeroth, and before they know it, BOOM right off a cliff. In pvp, these guys are most useful in the center of EOTS. I usually chill there with a flare down in camo. If someone tries to run up and jack the flag, BOOM. Bye bye. Another great place is Arathi Basin at the lumbermill, if you stay positioned with a straight on view of the flag, back at the mill building, you can just rush the first person on the flag and down they go. It's hilarious. I've even had people run away after getting launched through the air, as if to say "NOPE, FUCK THIS." It makes for a good time. 

I really wish I had gotten some good screen shots of me sending people over the cliffs, but usually in BG's I'm more in the heat of battle and less focused on screen shots. However here's a great video from a guy on youtube named Greco (Username: Johndaniel747). He does a lot of BM hunter videos and they're all fantastic. If you're a BM hunter, definitely check him out.

Hope you guys found this useful and have more fun in pvp with this hilarious and awesome skill!

Transmog: Agent Orange

This is a mail set for my hunter. My favorite color has always been bright orange, and it's really a pity there's not more of it in the game when it comes to armor. The sad thing is that probably not many will enjoy the set because it's mostly newer content armor, and you are probably sick of fire colored things by now. It just so happened to be that THIS expansion was the one that dumped all the orange and red armor all over us, so much so that it's not even interesting anymore. Regardless, I still want my orange set, I really wish it could have been more orange. If anyone out there is willing to take a stab at a request for an orange set, I would be much obliged.

This item can go for a pretty penny on the AH. It drops from a rare demon spawn in shadowmoon valley called Collidus the Warp-Watcher, along with 3 other types/colors of the same item. One is mail, one is cloth, one is leather and one is plate. Find out more about this spawn and where it roams over at WoW Rare Spawns!
Chest - Flamewaker's Tunic (Justice)
Legs - Flamewaker's Legguards (Justice)
Feet - Hurricane Boots (Crafted: Leatherworking)
Hands - Unclean Surgical Gloves (Icecrown Citadel)
Wrist - Doesn't matter, you can't see them.
Belt - Belt of the Blood Nova (Icecrown Citadel)
Shoulders - Horrific Flesh Epaulets (Icecrown Citadel)
Back - Cromush's Cloak (Quest)
Polearm - Ranseur of Hatred (BOE, drop in Firelands)
Gun - Arcanite Steam Pistol (The Eye)

Here's a picture from the front, with the gun:


Pets that work best with this set are fiery, orangey pets of course. Here's a list of my top picks for orange pets.

Orange Ravager - So bright! So orange! So cool looking!
Orange and Black Spider - Colors match perfectly, and if you're into pvp you can still look stylish!
Orange Fire Spider - This guy is a rare, and from what I hear a bit tricky to tame. Lovely glowing orange is great with the glowing orange on this set!
Red Core Hound - Can't go wrong with this classic.More glowing reds and oranges make a great match.
Two-Headed Red Vulture - If you're into birds, this guy matches nicely.
Red Runed Demon Dog - I love this pet. So cool looking and those glowing bits are so bright!
Brown Spiked Raptor - Awesome dinosaur action! Despite the name, this guy is orange and matches wonderfully!
Orange Striped Saber Cat - Tigers match pretty well, not my top choice but AWWW, it's a tiger!
Orange Deep Sea Crab - This guy looks nice, and if you're looking for a tenacity pet, he's perfect!
Ancient fire Turtle - This guy is a little more red than orange, but he's a great looking pet, and glowy!
Yellow Worm - I've never been into worms, but this guy is a yellowish orange that matches the set great!
Grey and Orange Felboar - This guy looks awesome, and has BRIGHT neon orange spikes!
Orange Shale Spider - I really love shale spiders, they are like elementals we can tame. I really love this orange guy.

Class Drinks: Paladins!

The long awaited Paladin class drinks are here. With the spirit of hybrid classes I've made them a mixed drink guide, all but protection. Lets face it, if you're a tank you need a harder drink.

Enjoy your drinks, Paladins!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


So I was tagged for a blog post meme called "Sixth" by Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns, and by Miri from Guarded by the Light. Basically what you do is go to your images folder, open the 6th sub folder and choose the 6th image. Whatever it is, post it on your blog and re-tag 6 more bloggers!

This is a really terrible blurry ass picture of me from folder of pictures from a LAN party we had. This is pretty old. OH MAN LOOK AT THAT MONITOR, thank god I have a really nice one now. Also playing wow so at least it kind of relates to the blog.

Now for tagging.

Amerpriest from http://amerpriestblog.com/

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was up really late into the morning, sitting in org. Finally I get up to go take a shower. I come back and sit down in my towel, drying my hair and just glance at the computer screen. HOLY FUCK IT'S THAT SUPER AWESOME MOUNT I SAW ON MMO CHAMPION A WHILE BACK OH GOD WHAT. So many people had them, my screen was all golden and lovely. I immediately type into guild chat "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED AND WHERE DO I GET ONE?!!!" British tells me it's blizz store and our guild is all a buzz with people buying them.  Here are some pictures of Org a little bit after the servers came back up:

I have to say the mount is gorgeous. It's so nice to see a new model. I never bothered buying the other mount models because I didn't like the look. This one I HAD to have. It actually looks like they put time into this thing. I love the Chinese style serpent dragon too. Maybe in the future we'll get some re-skins. :)

It was also pretty funny in org watching people yell back and forth.

Some people going "It's a nice mount, too bad anyone can have it"
and "It's stupid, everyone has it now!"
or "after a week you wont even see it anymore"


and all the while British is in guild chat flipping shit going "THIS THING IS AWESOME, I DON'T CARE IF A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IT, I WILL RIDE THIS FOREVER, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, FUCK IT!..." Etc...Etc... Then we all got together for a lovely picture on our new bling bling dragon mounts. 

Ahh, what a day.

Buy your sexy new dragon mount here, at the Blizzard Online Store.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Currently trying to reorganize this blog, so it's going through an overhaul. Please bare with me while things go a little crazy!

Shaman Class Drinks!

Continuing on with my World of Warcraft Classy Drinks agenda. I've created a new post for Shamans. I've decided that for our hybrid classes I'll be doing mixed drinks instead of pure alcohol. Made sense to me.

One of my best friends ever is a shaman. He told me to make every drink whiskey, but he's just a bitter, hateful shaman, which is part of why I love him. I know not everyone is as hardcore as him so I went a little easier on you guys. Enjoy your drinks Shamans!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

OH YEAH! Level 85!

I just wanted to make a little post in honor of my beloved hunter, Frikky, who just made it to level 85! I started him as soon as Cata came out, but I am a slow leveler, I sit around and do professions, or talk to people or just don't level at all for long stretches of time. This makes him my third level 85! 

When he Leveled I was all like:

Here's a picture of Frikky farming around for the Time-Lost proto, after taming his new rare pet, thanks to Euphyley's Guide on her. I absolutely love her copper color. It matches wonderfully with the browns in my transmog set. Ick, I need a new polearm. Taming this pet was easy after I found her.


I'm gonna be all over the place with my transmogs now! I know it! As much as I love the steampunk look, I realllllllyyyy realllyyyyyy WISH...SO HARD. I could make him look along these lines:

How hot would that be? now THAT looks like a crazy ass hunter. 
I don't know where the hell I got this picture, so if anyone knows the source let me know so I can link it.

Alright, well. I'm so freakin' tired right now so I'm going to fall into a small coma.


Friday, February 10, 2012

What's in a name?: Getting the name you want

Ever try to create a new character only to discover the PERFECT name you wanted so badly was taken? I've had this happen plenty of times. You keep trying and trying for awesome names and EVERY DAMN ONE IS TAKEN, HOLY SHIT. So, you give up and end up naming your character something ridiculous or stupid.

 Yeah, that's about right. I have a character on a pvp server named Eatmyfarts. That's pretty funny actually, but names like that are usually never taken so you can probably get Turdmcmuffin....ANYWAY.
I have been trying to think of a name for my future panda gal. (Note: I am CRAZY when it comes to naming my characters. I won't even want to play them if they have a name I don't like. Yeah, it's that bad. I will sit there forever thinking of something I like.) I was looking at Chinese names (Mandarin or Cantonese. I tend to like Mandarin better, it's softer sounding, but still Cantonese is fun) because I wanted something Chinese naturally. I decided I wanted the name Ping for my future panda. I'm sure it's taken, ayup. Totally. But I want it for two reasons, badly! One it's Chinese, it means peaceful & level. That's perfect for a monk right? YES. Secondly Ping was someone from my past who was the first person I ever really interacted with on an online gaming community back in 1997. The game was called creatures and it was the beginning of being part of the gaming community on the internet for me, so the name is significant in a way.

Then I remember tales of people asking GM's to release old unused names for them from inactive characters under level 10. YES. So I go to the Armory and look up the name "Ping" there's no name listed for ping on Earthen Ring, yet it says the name is taken. This means the character has either been inactive for too long, or they are under level 10 or both. I decided to open a ticket and VERY NICELY (Remember if you do this to ask very nicely! :D I'm sure those poor people deal with enough jerks) asked if it would be possible to release the name if it isn't being used.  I opened the ticket last night, and by this morning I receive this reply - 

 " Greetings Dreämy, 

Thanks for contacting us about your issue. I apologize for not being able to speak with you
while you were online. I went ahead and looked into the issue and left you a response ^^

 I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I was able to free up the name Ping.
The name will be available until it is claimed by another character.

 Please let us know if you have any further questions, or need additional assistance.
We would be more than happy to help out in any way that we can
May your battles be heroic, your victories full of epicness, and your adventures full
of awesome loot.       

Game Master Auragnor
<Murloc of the Twisting Nether>
Customer Services 
Blizzard Entertainment"

Now I have the name reserved on an alternate toon until MoP hits. SHOUT OUT TO GM AURAGNOR FOR BEING AWESOME, FAST, FRIENDLY AND.....AWESOME. WOO.

So if you have your heart really set on a name that is taken, why not look it up and see if it's active and under level 10. You may just be able to get it!

Good luck!

p.s. Quick art post here for Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns. She comments on my posts a lot and is very sweet. She also has an awesome blog which you should visit that has guides on all sorts of rare spawns in WoW, it's helped me a bunch of times and it's wonderfully done.

Thanks Euphyley!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I'm a bit cracked out right now. I am on meds and I took a 5-hour energy so I'm lookin' a bit like:

Yeah that's me. I'm so sexy, I know.  ANYWAY. I've been doing the Love is in the air holiday stuff. I've been playing wow for years and never really did it, so this year I'm checking it out a bit more. I even got some sexy dress and danced with other sexy people in dresses.


I've been running around doing dailies on my hunter as well. He's blowing through levels. I actually managed to get his engineering maxed already. I decided to drop mining and pick up JC on him as well, so now he has 2 main professions. I figured the JC gem buffs would be sweet. Archaeology is good for leveling too, I actually got a few levels from it + dailies. I want to get the Professor title so he can be PROFESSOR FRIKKY. It sounds awesome to me. 

He's 80 now, halfway to 81. :D I'm so happy he's finally in cata! but OH god it's going to be my 3rd time going through. This is going to suck. I also need to raise money for max flying and I'm always the poorest fucker in the world so this is going to take a while. Don't worry Frikky, one day you'll fly fast.

God damn I am cracked out, what am I even talking about anymore. I don't even care. My god my blog is full of interesting content, right? yeah. Just some crazy bitch rambling about NOTHINGGGG. but, you know, I don't care. 

Alright I have one more thing to post here today. It's just a drawing I did for my boyfriend.
This is his character Brialdo, a troll hunter! HE'S SO HOTTIE HOT HOT.


GOODNIGHT & MERRY CHRISTMAS MOVIE HOUSE!!!1112121335elkjtrdlkjhkxdn

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Panda Arts

Just a nice little Pandaren Mage gal I made at work today. :)

Plate Transmog: Neon Spy

One of my favorite color combos is orange and pink! The other day while running AQ 40 I had these amazing pants drop and I loved the colors so much I wanted to design an outfit around it.

The items used in this set are as follows.

Head - Crimson Beholder Eye
Shoulders - Avenger's Pauldrons
Chest - Conqueror's Breastplate
Legs - Legplates of Blazing Light
Feet - Magma Tempered Boots
Hands - Heretic's Gauntlets
Weapon - Treant's Bane
Belt - Belt of the Fallen Emperor

Thursday, February 2, 2012

About female Panderans

So the question of how female pandas will look has been debated all throughout the community. I've thought about it myself, I never really cared enough last expansion to care about how new races would look. "Blizzard will do great." I told myself. I was really excited about Worgen and especially how bad-ass they would look. Holy crap I'd finally be able to play a bad-ass cool female character! Unfortunately I watched the state of female Worgen decline from eh, okay – to bad – to worse. They became overly sexualized like every other female race, and not only that but OH GOD WHY ARE THEIR FACES  DEFORMED?

Anyway with the Panda debate, we have people on both sides of the spectrum arguing how they should be built. Let's face it, pandas are fat! or at least plump, they're bears. So many people want to see plump females, not only would it be accurate, it would also be the first "Plump" female race in wow. I mean, we can argue that Dwarf females are plump, they are more stout and wide, they really don't have FAT.  So a lot of people would love to see a chubby gal in game for once. On the other side are people who feel they should be a more athletic build, leaner than their male counterparts. There are arguments made that fat female pandas will be ugly and/or no girl would want to play a "fat chick" Well fuck you! I want one and I want her fat! Curvy ladies are sexy and adorable. Besides there ain't nothin' gonna be freakier than a skinny ass panda bear. That's just gross. I've drawn a few things up for how I feel they should look.

This is a more curvy approach, but also athletic to where she looks like she is still in the condition to be someone who fights. A plump, cute, feminine face but not an alluring sexual expression. Also excuse the outfit here, I wanted to put her in as little as possible to show her form, but also give her a bit of an outfit.

Okay, now this is another sketch I did. I originally drew it as a joke on how I don't think they should be totally obese or anything like that, but my god the more I looked at it the more I loved the idea of a super cute, overly fat panda girl. NOW I WANT ONE.

I want the fattest, drunkest, panda monk girl in the world, and sweet jesus, she will be my best friend ever. We'll go on all kinds of adventures. We'll eat cake all night and drink whiskey in the moonlight. She'll teach me Mandarin and how to fight and we'll roll down hills and giggle forever. 
Blizzard, please, please, please make a fatty panda option D:

Okay, okay. I also drew this horrible abomination of a skinny overly sexualized panda to show how bad it is, but I kinda got lazy half way and her arm is a branch. I have more fun drawing fatter womens, so I gave up. 

Let me know what you guys think panda gals should look like. I'd enjoy hearing some other opinions or even seeing some of your own sketches.

Some more arts

Made some little cute vectors of drunk Horde races. I'll most likely do an Alliance version as well. Feel free to use these for whatever as long as you give credit and link back to my blog. 
Enjoy the cuteness.