Thursday, February 2, 2012

About female Panderans

So the question of how female pandas will look has been debated all throughout the community. I've thought about it myself, I never really cared enough last expansion to care about how new races would look. "Blizzard will do great." I told myself. I was really excited about Worgen and especially how bad-ass they would look. Holy crap I'd finally be able to play a bad-ass cool female character! Unfortunately I watched the state of female Worgen decline from eh, okay – to bad – to worse. They became overly sexualized like every other female race, and not only that but OH GOD WHY ARE THEIR FACES  DEFORMED?

Anyway with the Panda debate, we have people on both sides of the spectrum arguing how they should be built. Let's face it, pandas are fat! or at least plump, they're bears. So many people want to see plump females, not only would it be accurate, it would also be the first "Plump" female race in wow. I mean, we can argue that Dwarf females are plump, they are more stout and wide, they really don't have FAT.  So a lot of people would love to see a chubby gal in game for once. On the other side are people who feel they should be a more athletic build, leaner than their male counterparts. There are arguments made that fat female pandas will be ugly and/or no girl would want to play a "fat chick" Well fuck you! I want one and I want her fat! Curvy ladies are sexy and adorable. Besides there ain't nothin' gonna be freakier than a skinny ass panda bear. That's just gross. I've drawn a few things up for how I feel they should look.

This is a more curvy approach, but also athletic to where she looks like she is still in the condition to be someone who fights. A plump, cute, feminine face but not an alluring sexual expression. Also excuse the outfit here, I wanted to put her in as little as possible to show her form, but also give her a bit of an outfit.

Okay, now this is another sketch I did. I originally drew it as a joke on how I don't think they should be totally obese or anything like that, but my god the more I looked at it the more I loved the idea of a super cute, overly fat panda girl. NOW I WANT ONE.

I want the fattest, drunkest, panda monk girl in the world, and sweet jesus, she will be my best friend ever. We'll go on all kinds of adventures. We'll eat cake all night and drink whiskey in the moonlight. She'll teach me Mandarin and how to fight and we'll roll down hills and giggle forever. 
Blizzard, please, please, please make a fatty panda option D:

Okay, okay. I also drew this horrible abomination of a skinny overly sexualized panda to show how bad it is, but I kinda got lazy half way and her arm is a branch. I have more fun drawing fatter womens, so I gave up. 

Let me know what you guys think panda gals should look like. I'd enjoy hearing some other opinions or even seeing some of your own sketches.


  1. Step One: Make fat fem pandaren with green hair
    Step Two: Name it Breadquanda
    Step Three: ????
    Step Four: Profit!

  2. The range I want female pandas to fall in would be halfway between #1 and #2, all the way up to #2. In fact, the closer to #2 Blizzard gets, the better.

    But #3? DO NOT WANT. :P

    1. Yeah I Agree, after drawing the first one I realized I made her a bit too skinny for my taste. I would definitely love something like #2! It would just be adorable. Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Bawmshikalaquandria.

  4. I'm rolling one, day one. Deltrice, the fat panda monk chickenhead!