Friday, February 10, 2012

What's in a name?: Getting the name you want

Ever try to create a new character only to discover the PERFECT name you wanted so badly was taken? I've had this happen plenty of times. You keep trying and trying for awesome names and EVERY DAMN ONE IS TAKEN, HOLY SHIT. So, you give up and end up naming your character something ridiculous or stupid.

 Yeah, that's about right. I have a character on a pvp server named Eatmyfarts. That's pretty funny actually, but names like that are usually never taken so you can probably get Turdmcmuffin....ANYWAY.
I have been trying to think of a name for my future panda gal. (Note: I am CRAZY when it comes to naming my characters. I won't even want to play them if they have a name I don't like. Yeah, it's that bad. I will sit there forever thinking of something I like.) I was looking at Chinese names (Mandarin or Cantonese. I tend to like Mandarin better, it's softer sounding, but still Cantonese is fun) because I wanted something Chinese naturally. I decided I wanted the name Ping for my future panda. I'm sure it's taken, ayup. Totally. But I want it for two reasons, badly! One it's Chinese, it means peaceful & level. That's perfect for a monk right? YES. Secondly Ping was someone from my past who was the first person I ever really interacted with on an online gaming community back in 1997. The game was called creatures and it was the beginning of being part of the gaming community on the internet for me, so the name is significant in a way.

Then I remember tales of people asking GM's to release old unused names for them from inactive characters under level 10. YES. So I go to the Armory and look up the name "Ping" there's no name listed for ping on Earthen Ring, yet it says the name is taken. This means the character has either been inactive for too long, or they are under level 10 or both. I decided to open a ticket and VERY NICELY (Remember if you do this to ask very nicely! :D I'm sure those poor people deal with enough jerks) asked if it would be possible to release the name if it isn't being used.  I opened the ticket last night, and by this morning I receive this reply - 

 " Greetings Dreämy, 

Thanks for contacting us about your issue. I apologize for not being able to speak with you
while you were online. I went ahead and looked into the issue and left you a response ^^

 I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I was able to free up the name Ping.
The name will be available until it is claimed by another character.

 Please let us know if you have any further questions, or need additional assistance.
We would be more than happy to help out in any way that we can
May your battles be heroic, your victories full of epicness, and your adventures full
of awesome loot.       

Game Master Auragnor
<Murloc of the Twisting Nether>
Customer Services 
Blizzard Entertainment"

Now I have the name reserved on an alternate toon until MoP hits. SHOUT OUT TO GM AURAGNOR FOR BEING AWESOME, FAST, FRIENDLY AND.....AWESOME. WOO.

So if you have your heart really set on a name that is taken, why not look it up and see if it's active and under level 10. You may just be able to get it!

Good luck!

p.s. Quick art post here for Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns. She comments on my posts a lot and is very sweet. She also has an awesome blog which you should visit that has guides on all sorts of rare spawns in WoW, it's helped me a bunch of times and it's wonderfully done.

Thanks Euphyley!


  1. Grats on getting Ping freed up! Nice having a name you want without having to use ascii characters. =)

    And OMG ty for the pic!! This is absolutely beautiful! You really have some craaaazy talent girl! I'm gonna find a nice place for this on my blog. ^-^

  2. That is AWESOME! And congratulations!