Monday, February 13, 2012

Shaman Class Drinks!

Continuing on with my World of Warcraft Classy Drinks agenda. I've created a new post for Shamans. I've decided that for our hybrid classes I'll be doing mixed drinks instead of pure alcohol. Made sense to me.

One of my best friends ever is a shaman. He told me to make every drink whiskey, but he's just a bitter, hateful shaman, which is part of why I love him. I know not everyone is as hardcore as him so I went a little easier on you guys. Enjoy your drinks Shamans!



  1. Awaiting anxiously for Paladins...I'm hoping at least one spec has something with Gin in it (Bombay Sapphire!).

  2. The only drink a Paladin needs is some communion wine with a shot of uisca beatha.