Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Crap

Sitting here drinking some amp. The holidays were crazy but they aren't over until the new year. I had a bit of money issues and my wow account ran out on me for about a week, so I really have nothing to report here. Just some little things to post up quick. OH GOD THIS AMP IS SO GOOD. You gotta get the red kind, really. The green is OKAY I GUESS but the red kind is where it's at, believe me.

I also noticed I need a new Horde sticker for the back of my car, it was cool when it first started peeling off cause it was like...tattered looking and looked pretty hordeish. Now it's just starting to look unrecognizable, like some sort of half remembered satanic symbol that's been on my car for 7 years or some shit.

OHH. ALSO. If you want, go check out my guest post I made on Info about WoW from the Altaholic

Here's a little preview of the first panel:

Read the full post here: Furtive Father Winter!

Now that I have my wow account back I will hopefully have more adventures to share, but I got the annual pass now so I got the PONY WITH WINGS. AW YEAH. OH GOD ITS ALL SO MAGICAL. I am about to go play some kinect and then level my hunter CAUSE NOW I CAN. BAW I MISSED HIM. Before I go, here's some little sketches I did today at work.

Deathwing whippin' his ball-chin back and forth and My boyfriend's main and mine. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHURHURHURHUR.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Special Guest Post!: Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Thanks to Akabeko and her secret holiday gift exchange over at Blog Azeroth, I've been sent a very sweet and lovely post by Windsoar from Jaded Alt, SO GO LOOK AT HER BLOG NOW BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME AND SHE DREW ME A REALLY CUTE COMIC. Ehem...and without Further adieu, I give you: Windsoar! :)


Greetings Drunkards!

This Winter Vale I was lucky enough to be selected to give a Winter Veil gift to Dreamy. While I can’t say that my efforts are particularly skillful, I wanted to give my hand at doing a cartoon since I really enjoy Dreamy’s stories.

Hopefully I’ve managed to capture the blood elf paladin we all know and love (even if she looks a little.... circular ^^).

Cheers and Happy Winter Veil Dreamy!
Windsoar of Jaded Alt

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nothing to see here

I just wanted to make a small update today, nothing too important or fancy. I've been sick and haven't posted all weekend so I feel bad. I also made some lovely pictures of my favorite toons. It's early, I'm sipping on some burnt coffee and I am over medicated on Theraflu, Excedrin and I'm debating on needing some Unisom later so I can sleep since I work night shift. I'm playing a bit on my hunter, I've been focusing on him lately since I love hunters, I always wanted one and he's an undead engineer. It's so steam-punk and I would cuddle him forever if I could.

Other than that I've just been farming on Dreamy to make gold for my friends x-mas presents, along with the Winter's Veil quests. I'm almost done so that's exciting.

That's pretty much it for today. I'll be back with something more interesting this week. As for now I'm pretty much dead to the world.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter's Veil - Pass the Eggnog

Winter's Veil is upon us again! I'm not even sure how many years it's been for me. This is my...3rd or 4th year I think. ANYWAY. I've still yet to get all of the achievements and I'm going for it this year. I MUST OBTAIN THE PURPLE PROTO. The only problem I've had with all the holiday achievements are the PvP portions. I don't PvP much, well, unless I'm drunk, and normally when I'm drunk enough to PvP I'm also drunk enough to forget all about anything like achievements. At least I don't think I have too many Winter's Veil achievements left to go, which is nice.

I was thinking earlier today about holiday bosses and if Winter's Veil has one, but for the life of me I couldn't remember. Then I thought about how awesomely funny it would be if we had to fight Santa or some shit like that. You'd have to go into a North Pole-like dungeon, there'd be trash like reindeer and elves, then out comes Santa holding his bag of loot. OH SNAP.

It would be good times, trust me.

Also, I was thinking of doing a contest or giveaway christmas thing on my blog but I think it's still too young for a following of any sort, so I will have to put away my ideas for next year. Hopefully by that point I have at least a handful of people following this shit, even if it's only crackheads and invalids willing to read my drunken psychotic rambling. I WILL HAVE FESTIVITIES FOR YOU MY BELOVED CRACKHEADS.

Oh yeah I just had one more picture to post. I was leveling my Undead hunter with my boyfriend's Goblin warrior last night and I started doodling him, before I knew it I had doodled all my characters. This kinda looks like shit ( especially the coloring) but HEY it's my cute wittle characters. BAWWWW. Frikky and Dreamy are my favorite.

We got:
Dreamy - Holy Paladin | Frikky - BM Hunter | Flu - Fire Mage | BopBop - Holy Priest

I think we might be running the second half of Dragon Soul when I get home in LFR. Then maybe level my Frikky! WOO. Excite. I'm going to have to stop and get some energy drinks. Amp is my energy drink of choice, the red kind. OH MAN, so good.

WELP. See ya tomorrow guys.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Forsaken Obsession

I'm going to go ahead and go crazy for this post about my favorite race in the game. THE FORSAKEN! YES, they are glorious, YES they are sexy, YES they are better than everyone else in the game. Well, in my opinion anyway. "BUT DREAMY" you say "YOUR MAIN IS A BLOODELF! WHY ISN'T SHE UNDEAD?"

Unfortunately my favorite class is not playable by undead. I've always enjoyed playing a paladin, and seeing as I'd rather play a fun class than play the best lookin', most wonderful race, I ended up a bloodelf. Hey, at least the bloodelves and the forsaken are pretty much B.f.f's as far as their relationship with other horde races go.

I'll also admit, I have an unhealthy attraction to them. Most girls I've talked to have found blood elf males to be among the most attractive of the characters in game. Some like nightelves, I'm not sure if I've ever met anyone who has thought of human males as sexy (I honestly think it's the doofy faces and porno mustaches). Everyone has a particular taste and seeing as how I'm fond of skinny, lanky, nerdy boys who might even look a bit sickly, and am especially fond of mohawks, it's no surprise that the forsaken are my kind of guys. I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK I'M CRAZY, I LIKE WHAT I LIKE WAHHHH.


I really wish I had more undead characters. It takes me forever to level anything though and I actually do also have a max level undead mage. However, it took me 85 levels to realize I hate playing mages. I also have a almost level 50 undead hunter, I've been working on him a lot, I freakin love him. I've always had a thing for hunters. YES I made him a male. I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT DAT SWEET ASS WHEN HE WALKS, GAW.

Okay, okay. I don't just find the forsaken physically appealing though. I'm a big fan of the lore and honestly I feel for them. There are a few quests throughout the undead starting areas that show how sad it can be for them. Lilian Voss was a very good example:

(taken from WowWiki) "From the moment of her birth she was raised as a weapon against the plague as a member of the Scarlet Crusade. She studied stealth, sorcery, martial arts and anything else that would make herself stronger. She gave up her childhood for her father.

After she died Lilian ended up being raised as an undead by the Forsaken's Val'kyr. When Horde players approach her to recruit her into the Forsaken's ranks, she runs away in denial of her undeath claiming that her father will protect her. She instantly cried for her father and ran away screaming for her life, pleading to be taken back home. Later she was found by Novice Elreth in Deathknell. To show her what she really is and to join the Forsaken Novice Elreth gave the adventurer a hand mirror. After she saw her face Lilian ran away again denying her life as an undead.

Upon fleeing, she is captured by a lieutenant of the Scarlet Crusade. Lieutenant Gebler, supposedly a friend from her past, brings word from her father. He had initially perceived her as a possible weapon against his enemies, but has now denounced her as a daughter and ordered her execution instead. Lilian instantly kills Gebler and orders the adventurer to leave her be. She now seeks retribution against her father and all of the Scarlet Crusade."

Many forsaken were abandoned and feared by their old friends and family after becoming undead, then were driven away from their homes. It's true that there are mindless undead that are evil, but the forsaken still retain their memories and personalities as they were when they were living. The forsaken are made up of mostly Humans and High elves, though there have apparently been Dwarfs and trolls as well (though I've never seen this).

This is a picture of a forsaken rogue I did while back, I never finished it. Every time I try to color it, I hate it. I think I just prefer it black and white. I might use water colors eventually though.

I always hate it when people make them out to be monsters. They are not all monsters and there are forsaken that work towards good. There are even rogue bands of Forsaken that broke away from their race to devote themselves to more noble causes that they believed in while they were living.

SO WHAT I'M REALLY TRYING TO SAY IS. The forsaken are interesting. They have many different types of characters within their race, a rich as well as sad history and a bit of an underdog feeling since no one really likes them, including most of the Horde. PLUS, the undead males have the coolest laugh ever. DON'T EVEN DENY IT.

Okay I'm going now but here's some more doodles I did earlier while thinking of them.



Some sweet jams about loving dead people.

A Month Dead -Stephen Lynch
Dead Girls - Voltaire
Zombie Prostitute - Voltaire
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo

Maybe I'll add more later. I NEED A SMOKE!

If you guys have any undead art, songs, stories, anything creative you've made regarding undead, send me a link! I'll post it here and link to your blog and get really excited about seeing new undead stuff. X3


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter sucks

It is now time for everyone to get sick. Including me and my loverpants.

So, here is my short post and horrible picture for the day since I have nothing of interest to say and I feel horrible.

P.s. I am taking a billion meds. when I get home, HOLLA.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Wanted to do another quick post to put some more of my vector art on here. This is something else I did in illustrator, I was thinking of doing some sort of holiday giveaway/contest and make a personalized one of these for the winner. It seems people aren't really coming to my blog or following though. Let me know if you do, I have no idea. I get no comments or followers. Ah well. It's early in the life of my blog! I might just have to skip it this year though for lack of people.

Bots and Shots

Last night me and 3 guildies decided to run our lowbies through dungeons, so we queue up and get scholomance. We get a priest as a healer who we immediately begin to talk to, because we're quite the social lot. He doesn't say a word, so we're just like "What a jerk!" and we go on. Later we start to notice weird things, like he ONLY uses his biggest heal, and one after the other after the other. He goes OOM FAST, and he's all decked out in heirlooms. There was no judgment on his side, even if the tank was hurt a tiny bit...BIGGEST HEAL. So we're like "Dude you don't need to heal so much, thats why you're going out of mana so fast." He said nothing, but continued to only use his biggest heal and drink after every SINGLE pull.

At this point we started wondering if the thing was actually a bot. It just had NO common sense. It never jumped, walked into walls, walked in patterns. It was easily tricked into running downstairs instead while we were in the same place upstairs. It always walked around obstacles instead of jumping over like we would do. SO, naturally we wanted to fuck with it. We lured it around into mobs and we must have killed it about 10 times. Watching this thing operate was hilarious.

I may be posting a video of it soon since it was recorded partially. I have to get out of here though, tonight I'm going drinking with some fellow guildies, tomorrow I'm going to a concert with some more guildes. FESTIVITIES SHALL ENTAIL!

Peace out you crazy cats.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm so very tired today. I slept for maybe 2 hours, and I've been sleeping like this all week. BUT, I must work so sleep needs to wait. I shall surely die.

I have some things for today. I actually wanted to do another comic but I am borderline dead so I'm going to save that one for later. I did find a screenshot I meant to put up here though. I was doing some of the new quests with my undead hunter and this quest in particular had THIS:

I really enjoyed those quests. Mmnnyeessss. I wish my hunter was 85 already, but I'm SOOO LAZZYYY.

What else, what else. OH RIGHT. I had drawn up this picture because this happens to me every day. With the mailbox, with npcs, with something cool I'm looking at...WHATEVER. I hate all of you that do this.

Also I feel really bad for that poor dragon. He's so fat and sad and tired. He's been carrying that orc all day and he can't take it anymore. He was just trying to have a little rest for a bit. I'm sorry dragon, it's not your fault.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't mind me.


I'm going to be fixing this blog up and trying to get it out there into the community. Sorry if this place may seem a bit disheveled meantime. I'll be trying to figure out all kinds of whatever I must do to TAKE MY DRUNKEN WORD TO THE MASSES...OF PEOPLE WHO PLAY WOW...AND ALSO READ BLOGS.

Alright well, I have to pee really bad and I need to get home. YES I AM IN AN UNDISCLOSED CREEPY LOCATION. I'm hiding from doctor's appointments.

Also, This gal over there <----- is some of my vector work. I'm thinking I might do custom ones in the future for people. They're pretty fun. HMMMM. WE SHALL SEE. Later!

Raid Thoughts

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Patchy things.

Last night when I got into the game we had a few people on, so naturally we wanted to run the new dungeons. They all went pretty smoothly, and the guild leveled up (AWESOME). There was much fun to be had, especially the last of the 3 dungeons, where you are turned into night elves. For a good while we were standing there messing around, dancing and talking about how much we collectively hate night elves, and it kept going through the whole dungeon.

We plan to do more over the weekend, along with some raids. I was looking around org though and messing with the transmorg feature, which was pretty awesome, albeit a bit expensive. I also noticed everyone with that new mount for signing up for the annual pass. I wanted it! I don't revert to my girlish roots often but certain things make me do so, and I end up like this:

Although there's another thing in the game that I want but I freak out in the direct opposite way. Tarecgosa's Rest, you know, it makes you turn into this thing? I can't even use it but I want to be able to turn into herrrrrr. I've seen two people with it so far. Seeing as how I will NEVER obtain this, I console myself by telling myself she's an ugly hooker dragon.

That bitch IS a skank dragon.