Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Theramore's Balls

Last night me and a few guildies ran Theramore's Fall. It was exciting! "YAY!" we thought, "NEW CONTENT!" and proceeded to queue. For some reason there was about a 10 minute wait even though all 3 of us queued together. Just figured it was due to everyone trying to queue at once. So we get in there and it's like "WOAH, COOL LOOK, SHIPS AND STUPID ALLIANCE TO KILL" and we set them up the bomb and all that.

Here's us beating up some Alliance. RADICAL!

We weren't really expecting to get jumped here, but rest assured I was safe on my mount yelling "SHITTTTT" as my friends were brutally beaten up. 

So we found this buttelf in this castle's basement and we had to fight some dude to get a key. YAWN.

We were all surprised it was the end. We got some shitty ass fireworks, stared at the portal in amazement of how lame it all was. 


I was pretty disappointed in it. Don't get me wrong, I love Blizzard and they make awesome quality games (I would friggen kill to work for them, are you kidding me?) I just wish that for an expansion to the biggest MMO in the world, we could have something a bit better than a glorified group quest. What happened to stuff like the zombie invasion from Wrath? Tripping the rifts from Cata was even pretty interesting...for a bit. STILL. I wish it would have been more epic. I still have hope though, I feel like they might do something cool before the expansion...at least I am kinda hoping. Who knows though, we only have a week left guys. THEN MOP PARTY TIME EXTRAVAGANZA! Even if nothing happens, it's not like it matters much. A week from now no one is gonna give a shit, and we'll be in a new chapter of WoW. 

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