Saturday, September 15, 2012

Plate Transmogs/The Thrift Shop/Sick

So I'm sick, and have been the past 4 days. I lost my voice pretty much and I've been sitting around/sleeping/taking tons of meds. I decided to throw together a few transmogs. I will post 2 today though I am working on multiple others (Which I might post later) after I hit the thrift store. I had planned to go to the thrift store with two friends & guildies today because 1. we love the thrift can find...fuckin anything for like 99 cents. and in honor of this wonderful song of fantasticness.

Anyway, here we go with the mogs. I made these for a friend irl and game, Steve AKA Shovelface. He's an undead warrior and he likes using fist weps so don't even be mad. I only made one set with the fist weps anyway and it's fucking glorious and you will pee your pants and want a fist weapon ASAP.

FIRST UP: Fel Warrior

I'm pretty comfortable in the fact that all of these items will be fairly easy to get :)

Helm -  Felsteel Warhelm - The Eye - Void Reaver

Shoulders -  Pauldrons of the Wardancer - Serpentshrine Cavern - Hydross the Unstable

Chest - Krakken-Heart Breastplate - Serpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj

Waist - Fel Iron Plate Belt - Crafted/Blacksmithing

Legs -  Emerald Legplates - Random drop 
(highest percent drop comes from Blackleaf, a rare in Blasted Lands, don't forget to check the AH!.)

Hands - Crystalplate Gauntlets - Quest - Dragonblight
(If you've already completed this quest, try Adamant Handguards, Aura Focused Gauntlets or Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon )

Feet - Boots of Dominance - Quest - Scholazar Basin
(If you've already completed this quest, try Fel Iron Plate Boots, Emerald Sabatons or Gnomish Water Sinking Device. ) 

Weapon - Apolyon, The Soul-Render - Sunwell Plateau - Kil'jaeden
( Now I know what you're thinking. "Isn't there a pvp sword that looks JUST like that but is way easier to get?" Yes, there is The Brutal Gladiator's Greatsword which IS the same model, but don't be fooled. There is a color difference. The accents on the Soul-Reaver are brown, while the Greatsword's accents are red. This may not be as big a deal to you, so by all means, use the Greatsword if you don't want to farm Sunwell. I'm just throwing it out there that the swords have subtle differences. )

Cloak - Forest Green Cloak - Quest - Western Plaguelands
The cloak isn't needed and is interchangeable with other matching cloaks. 


Sorry about this set for one reason. Some of the items here may be harder to obtain as they are higher end items from heroic ICC 25 and such. I just really thought the items I chose should be the best to compliment the weapons, so I chose them regardless of the difficulty level of obtaining them. 

Helm - Faceplate of the Forgotten (Heroic)  - Heroic ICC 25 - Festergut

Shoulders - Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons - Heroic ICC 25 - Lord Marrowgar

Chest - Rot-Resistant Breastplate - Heroic ICC 25 - Rotface

Waist - Etched Dragonbone Girdle - Heroic ICC 10 - Sindragosa
The belt isn't really that important really. I'm sure you could find another piece that could match as well without farming ICC 10 just for the belt. I just thought this was the one that matched the best. 

Legs - Legplates of Relentless Onslaught - Heroic Trial of the Champion 

Hands - Fallen Lord's Handguards - Heroic ICC 25 - Lady Deathwhisper

Feet - Stillheart Warboots - Heroic Dragonsoul - Lesser Cache of the Aspects
Okay, like I said before with the belt, there are other boots that will match this set just as well, for instance Scourge Fanged Stompers or Boots of the Decimator. I'm not in the habit of gathering people to farm dragonsoul for transmogs so I can imagine you aren't either. However if you are lucky enough to already have the stillheart warboots then congrats! you have (arguably) the best looking boots for the set. 

Weapon - Talon of the Phoenix - The Eye - Al'ar
These fist weapons are what I believe to be some of the most beautiful weapons in the game, I designed the set around them :)

Off hand - Claw of the Phoenix - They Eye - Al'ar

Back - Crystalweave Cape - Quest
Purely optional and interchangeable with other matching cloaks.

That's all for now, I hope you guys enjoy these sets and I'm pretty sure Flames of the Phoenix has become my new favorite homebrew transmog to date. It makes me wish I had a warrior, because I absolutely love those fist weapons, especially with the plate set.



  1. Loved both those mogs, just gorgeous. And those fist weapons....droooooool, my rogue would sure love a similar looking set. Damn leather...grrrrrrr.

    1. I know! I love, love, LOVE those fist weapons. I wish I had a character that could use them. I have been trying to put together some leather sets but leather is really lacking isnt it? Im still going to try to throw together something interesting though. :)

  2. The Vicious Gladiator's Vestments match those really well, but sadly they aren't available in the right color any longer. =(

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  4. Since I love spamming your blog apparently, you inspired me to try my hand at my own transmog set for my future monk based around the fist weapons Pride and Greed! Seen here

    1. Awesome Steve! If you keep making xmogs i can put them up on my blog if ya like! :)