Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead! - Short update.

Just wanted to pop in and make a very quick update. I was going to do some new transmog sets for today but after spending about an hour dicking around in Mogit and discarding multiple sets, I realized I just didn't have it in me today. THE SPARK WAS JUST GONE OK!? I'm also happy to say we have two new guildies who are fans of the blog (much to my surprise, I didn't think many people actually read this unimportant, non-informative nonsense) but we're glad to have them! Shout out to Chaysen and her husband, and welcome to our guild! The guild is slowly awakening from it's deep slumber as I'm starting to see more and more people becoming active again.

ENOUGH ABOUT ALL THAT. Soon I'm going to be making some new drink recipes for the expansion drop and I'll be working on new comics and red along posts I'm sure with all the new shiny things to experience! Until then, Have a fabulous rest of the day (of the dead).


Now to go pick up on some hot undead guys.

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