Friday, April 11, 2014


Hey guys. I'm around still. I plan on rebooting this thing come Warlords of Draenor. Honestly it's been a bit depressing around wow with our guild dead and just basically grinding LFR. Got a druid to 90 and I really love her. Also started trying to level a god damn alliance AGAIN..I think she's like 60 now? yeah.

So I hope you guys are well. I miss working on this blog but my life has been all over with working and going to school again. Trying to balance those things with a social life and personal time to work on art is enough as it is without dealing with a blog. Since this blog isn't really that popular anyway I figured it's not a big deal to put her on hold for a while.

I do plan on making some more content soon, but like I said time is really limited now and whenever I make posts I work on them for hours to come up with an idea, make art, thoroughly design and link mog sets and even go out to buy items for shot/drink ideas. School is almost over now and I'll be changing jobs to something with much more freedom and downtime. so within the next few months I'll be settled down again, then the expansion will be on its way and we can return to the land of drunken paladin love.

Until then!


  1. /smashes fists against desk! I want to see more artwork goddamnit!!!! :p

    I'll be looking forward to what you come up with when WoD rolls around, I've missed your drunken ramblings. <3

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  3. How active are you of late - in regards to blogging compared to when you started WoW blogging?
    Be a sport and drop by here: Linky here - calling all bloggers
    I'm doing a writeup to see how many WoW bloggers are still "active" - if you'd be interested in a link exchange, just let me know, it'd be good for some extra pageviews ^,^

  4. also - more artwork please ! :P

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