Monday, January 14, 2013

Sorry about that.


Seriously though. I went on a hiatus from wow. MOP was overload and my friends all burned out and quit. I didn't burn out but I was sad without them playing/caring anymore. I dabbled in some other games, mostly The Secret World which I really love but, I don't have the computer power to run it properly. Also played some Dungeon and Fighter which was fun for maybe 5 minutes. Hmmm, what else, what else...OH YES. GUILD WARS 2. That was pretty damn fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I don't really know what happened that made me not really feel like playing anymore. Rocked out on some Halo 4 and currently playing through Silent Hill: Downpour with the boy. DAYUM I LOVE ME SOME SWEET, SWEET SILENT HILL. This one is actually pretty good so far, I'm impressed (...for the most part). If you know anything about the Silent Hill fan boys/girls you should know that we are some PICKY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS when it comes to other developers than TEAM SILENT touching our baby. Games developed after Team Silent have gotten torn apart like a chicken wing in a bear know what? don't even question that analogy, I'm not trying to be poetic here.

Anyyyhooo. I had been missing WoW yet again. Here and there I'd be like "Oh I'd like to play again" but immediately extinguish that thought because I guess I just didn't miss it ENOUGH. Then Christmas happened. I went to my mom's house to visit and exchange presents. She gave me a smallish, rectangular box and says "I wasn't sure if you had it or not, If you do you can return it."  I just shrugged and smiled, having no idea what it could be. I peeled the wrapping paper away and there he was, staring at me. A Pandaran monk in all his glory. She bought me Mists of Pandaria. I felt so sad that I had to tell her I actually DO have the game already. I never had the box though. So I looked at all the familiar art on the back and inside the panels. Suddenly, a little pang of longing to play again hit me. I wanted to play, but I would try to hold out a bit longer.

Finally after waiting almost a month longer I broke down and re-subscribed. I logged on and saw all my familiar characters, waiting for me. I got on my young monk and quested in the blasted lands a little. You know, of all the characters I ever leveled, I had never quested in the Blasted lands, it was nice. There was really no one on in the guild, it has been mostly dead since the great burn out of MOP, and you know what? I was ok with that. I wanted to wait until I WANTED to play again, until I just had fun experiencing the game and doing things. A while before my hiatus I spent much of my time just sitting in Org, not wanting to do anything. That was lame, so I am glad I got around that. I'm sure it will happen again at some point and I will take a break again, but I'll come back as I always do. Sometimes you just need to step away from something to appreciate it more, or to fall in love with it again.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement there. As cliche as it is, I really do think absence makes the heart grow fonder - especially where WoW is concerned.

    Glad to see you back! ^-^

    1. YAY! Euphy! Thanks so much. Its funny how WoW has that kind of staying power. I always go back to it whenever I take a break. With other games I'm just done with them, sometimes forever. Wow has too many memories, time put into it, good friends and things to do. Also I really enjoy doing this blog and being a part of the community, and wow has a pretty damn strong (and huge!) community, not to mention the subculture of the wow blogging community.

  2. Welcome back! Sometimes an extended hiatus is really all we need to get the burning desire we call Azeroth back in our blood. Personally I've never been able to stay away for more than a couple months =)