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I might be drunk right now, but it doesn't change the fact that Mop is awesome so far. I had a lot of fun thus far. To be honest, I wouldn't have even been making this post if my game time hadn't run out and my stupid bank account is not showing my pay check happening which it should have. I WOULD BE PLAYING. CAUSE IT'S FUN. The areas are beautiful, there's so much to do, from playing a monk to leveling reputations. Pet battles, scenarios, dungeons, exploring, getting new achievements  playing with new class specs...MAN, I AM OVERWHELMED. It's in a good way though.
I've been LOVING my panda monk. Her name is Ping and she's so cute. FINALLY I have a character that at least kind of looks like me. Short, chubby with black and pink hair + black shit around her eyes. BOOYAH. LOVE IT. So far, I've made it to level 21 (mistweaver) and there's only one heal so far sooooo....I can't really comment on that other than to say... EASY SHITS. 
I got my beloved main character Dreamy, my pally to level 90 <3
  Afterwards I wasn't really sure what to do, there was so much to be done! So I started out with some tillers action (I FREAKING WANT THAT DAMN FLIPPABLE TABLE) so I can get drunk, stand around org and flip it over and over until I pass out. ALSO. I DONT GIVE A TURD WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HAVING A FARM. I enjoy games like animal crossing, viva pinata and harvest moon where you work to build your own area into something better than it once was. I LIVE FOR THIS, GIMME MY FARM. Also fuck farmville, don't even bring that up, because it's not even like that...look, I know because I spoke to my spirit animal, Missy Elliott. She said something about gettin' my freak on and I was like "Missy you're right" so I made my farm, and it was beautiful. From this day forth let my farm be dedicated and named after Missy, it shall be called "Missy Ridin' Down tha Block in an Escalade Farm" Okay I'm getting off track.
OKAY SO I FOUND THIS GUY. His name was Huggalon. I stared at him for like 5 minutes and was like. "WHAT THE HELL." because here's this froo froo lookin npc with a bow on his head named Huggalon in this creepy ass cave. 
So my boyfriend and I decided to fight him, because, well...why not. He was pretty hardcore for looking that cute....I guess as cute as you can look with panda corpses surrounding you. So we kill him and I receive this ridiculous item that made me squeel.

OH SHIT. A B.F.F NECKLACE. Made me laugh, man. Thing is, it really does NOTHING. If you use it on someone it gives them a buff called "Best Friends Forever" for 24 hours. THAT'S NOT FOREVER, NOT EVEN CLOSE. It's just a silly fun thing that I love because I love ridiculous shit like this. 

PET BATTLES. I LIKE IT. Other than that I only have one other thing to post about that.

I am so overwhelmed with rep, and as a jewelcrafter, my main concern is getting rep with the order of the cloud serpent for the new JC mounts. ANNDDDDD the cutest cute cute cute little cloud serpent baby they hath bestowed upon me. SO CUTE <3 I SHALL RAISE YOU INTO A FULL GROWN WONDROUS FIRE COLORED ANCIENT CHINESE DRAGON GOD.

So for now I am happy and filled with the beauty of new lands and asian-themed wonders. I am really enjoying it. Cataclysm left me with a bad taste in my mouth, but Mists has restored a sense of wonder in the game, almost similar to how I felt when I first started playing. I'm an explorer, an observer, and Pandaria is a goldmine of new exciting areas and beautiful sights.

Thanks Blizzard for an awesome expansion!


Er...I mean Dreamy.

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