Saturday, January 28, 2012

Steampunk's Not Dead: Steampunk Clothie

Steampunk? Cloth? How will that ever work! you say. Well I have the solution for you! Kinda. Okay look so I just woke up and my language skills are still in the gutter. bdbfkjdfkjf. OKAY anyway, I've made a version of the steampunk look for cloth wearers. :) Again I used an addon called Mogit to put this together.

I really enjoyed this one. I think the eyepatch/spectacle really makes it pop. It was also interesting sifting through so much cloth. Much of it is bright and flashy colors. I managed to find some old tattered grunginess in there though and carefully matched them up. What you're going to need for this set is:

Head- Powerheal 4000 Lens (engineering)
Feet- Iceflow Footwraps (quest)
Back- Durable Cape (not shown, sorry bout's brown.)

Now you're lookin sexy! :D

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