Friday, January 27, 2012

Transmog: The Steam Punk Hunter

Ever since I heard about undead being able to become hunters, I KNEW deep in my heart that I wanted him to be steam punk. Even before the transmog feature was around, I told myself I would somehow make him as steam punk as possible! Now with such a new feature, it's easier than ever. 

I used an addon called Mogit to put together my perfect ensemble. 

and here are the items needed for this look :)

Head- Truesight Ice Blinders  (engineering only)
Pants- Mighty Chain Pants (sold from an npc)
Wrist- This doesn't matter, you wont be able to see it anyway
Polearm- Grizzly Glaive 
Gun- Use whatever you think looks good as a gun, I suggest something bronze and of course steam punk looking, you just GOTTA have a gun though. Steam punk & a bow? HA, Sissy pants bullshit, you need to shoot people in the FACE because you're fucking awesome.

The gun I think would go most wonderfully with this set would be Giant's Bane
It's perfect, the blue lights tie in with the goggles, it's bronze and metal, the thing has STEAM coming out of it for god's sake. However this gun can only be obtained in ulduar 25 so you're going to need some friends to help you farm it. Until then many other guns are also bronze and work just as well.

While making this set I ran into some problems. I'm still farming it myself and when I had first made it, it looked like this: 

Note the different shoulders, and alternate goggles. I really really liked those goggles. Unfortunately the recipie for these goggles can ONLY be learned by shamans. It also binds to you when made, so they are untradable. If you ARE a shaman engineer and would like to use these goggles instead, they are called Lightning Etched Specs. Be wary of the goggles you can make as an engineer. You can only learn goggle schematics that you can use for your class from the trainer. And I found that out when I saw I hadn't learned the bronze shaman goggles, but the purple hunter goggles instead. Fortunately for me, I had bronze goggles waiting for my class at the higher level, however the lenses weren't yellow, they were blue. Good enough!

The shoulders here are pvp shoulders called Defiller's Chain Pauldrons. I only switched those because I thought the other shoulders looked a bit nicer. If you like these better they are easy to get!

Good thing is, most of these items are greens, some are even sold from NPCs, but sadly there are a few in here that have a very low drop rate. 

p.s. Mohawks help.

Hunter Bonus Round!

As a hunter, you can't be completely stylish unless you also have a stylish pet.
I've looked over a few of the pets available and have chosen my favorite matching pets to go with this set. (though I'm a bit pissed there's really no mechanical pets which would be PERFECT, AUGH.)

My personal favorite is the Beige Moth. Steam punk has that old world charm with the hardcore factor mingling in. Moths also remind me of this. They are charming, like butterflies, but the live in the night, also I can't help but think of Buffalo Bill from silence of the lambs, so plus 1 to the moth for matching perfectly and having that charming but fucked up factor.

Second runner up would be the Red Bone Spider this spider matches wonderfully with this set, the light cream color speckled in bronzy brown just works, along with the glowing blue eyes to match your spectacles. Bonus points for being undead as you'll also have that underlying creepiness factor.

Third is the Yellow Hyena When I think of Steam Punk, I think of some futuristic gang taking over some half forgotten city, like the pirates or cowboys of the future. Then I think of the crazy pets they'd have. Dogs are to tame, no, they need something way more bad-ass. How about a vicious hyena? YES. There are gangs around the world who use them currently, and man is it intimidating. If only they had a chain muzzle or something. Needless to say, the hyena would be a sweet pet for a futuristic pirate.

Fourth is the Copper Wasp the copper color matches wonderfully, it almost makes it look mechanical. The wings match wonderfully as well if you have the same goggles with the blue lenses. 

Coming in fifth is the Brown Rhino I just think this burly ass giant would look so cool standing behind you. Like some sort of tamed weapon to destroy all your enemies. I think this animal goes pretty well.

That's all for now folks! 


  1. Dreamy, this is a fantastic article. Your undead hunter looks simply incredible! Very well done! I'm going to link this from my blog, I hope that's ok, if not let me know and I'll remove the link.

  2. This was an absolutely awesome idea- I pointed my fiance who has an orc shaman here and he used it as a starting point for a steampunk outfit of his own.

    I also think that the goggles from 25m Flame Leviathan would be awesome with the outfit.

  3. how about the Magnetized Projectile Emitter....would be a great look

  4. how about the Magnetized Projectile Emitter....would be a great look...also steam seems to leak from it