Friday, March 22, 2013

Zandalari Shots!

I decided today that it's high time I make another WoW themed alcoholic beverage. At first I was going to make a mixed drink, but instead I went with a shot. I felt it would be appropriate with the drop of the new patch that it have something to do with either dinosaurs or the Zandalari.  When I think of trolls I think of a lot of reds and blues, so I made something incorporating those two colors. It's a very strawberry flavored shot, with a bit of sour from the blueberry lemonade Mio flavor (which sinks to the bottom and gives it a nice red to blue gradient). It turned out REALLY good. I love it, and to be honest you cannot taste the alcohol in it. This is a potentially dangerous shot for that reason. It's especially strange because the strawberry rum is half of the shot, the rest is just topped with Fanta strawberry soda and two squirts of Mio blueberry lemonade. I garnished with blackberries which I ate before the shot which actually amplified the sweetness, I suppose you could eat them after too for the same effect :) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this sweet Zandalari potion, and as always, drink responsibly and all that bullshit!


  1. This is very tasty! Had it last night and this maybe my new favorite shot. Best I ever had of a shot anyway.

  2. I will try this the next time when we play arena battle with my arena team :)