Friday, February 1, 2013

Leather Transmog: Torch Light

So I was working on a level 70ish transmog set for Ping, and out of boredom and I came up with this little number. I quite like it so I decided to share! Strangely enough ALMOST ALL of the items in this set are pretty much random drops, which will either make it really easy or really hard to collect depending on how your AH is lookin' and what the drop rate is. 

Head - Ragefury Eyepatch there are multiple versions of this model in game, and different colors too. Some drop from quests, some and random drops and others you can get off of bosses in dungeons. Check them out under the "Same model as" tab in the link provided and you can pick the one you'd want to farm for. :) Keep in mind Swashbuckler's Eyepatch is glitched on female Pandaren currently so it appears black instead of red! I originally had that one for this set, but after realizing it would be red if any other race wanted this set, I changed it to the Ragefury eyepatch. 

Shoulders - Corehound Fang Shoulderpads There are also multiple models available for this item! They can be crafted by a leather worker ( level 80 item) or obtained through quests or dungeons. From what I can see, they all look the same so chose whichever one you want to go for! see the "same model as" tab in the wowhead link I've provided.

Chest - Grizzly Jerkin I really love this chest piece. Apparently it is best farmed in RFC which is what I am currently doing. It's really easy to blow through that dungeon and a bunch of stuff drops so I am hoping I get it soon. :) Just a friendly reminder there are 3 other models that look like this, but they are grey and white quality items, so they will not be transmoggable. 

Wrist - Bristlebark Bindings Normally I don't list wrist pieces because you don't really see them. With these, they give the small white/tan band around the top of the gloves which I think really looks nice. This is entirely up to you of course. It looks like they can be farmed best in wailing caverns and Black Fathom Deeps. This is also a BOE item, so remember to check the AH before farming! 

Hands - Rhinohide Gloves These are a quest item for the quest The Collapse ( if you're Horde) or Deploy The Shake-n-Quake! (if you're Alliance) There are 13 other models of this item though some are different colors, so look out for that. All of them are from either random drops (so check the AH!) or quests. see the "same model as" tab in the wowhead link I've provided.

Waist - Many-Pocketed Belt  This is a world drop so it may be a bit difficult to obtain, however it IS a BOE to make sure to check the AH as usual. If you've got no luck there, it looks like the best place to farm for this sucker is Utgarde Keep as a bunch of the mobs in there have a chance to drop it.

Legs - Earthborn Kilt This item can be obtained in various ways. It drops off of Ragnaros and Nefarian so if you want to do runs for it, go for it. This is a BOE so check the AH too before all of that. This can also be found inside Thorium and Eternium Lockboxes, and has a chance to drop off of many elites (check the "dropped by" tab in the wowhead link for a list of all of them x__x )

Mace - Excavator's Brand Very cool mace! Might be pretty difficult to obtain though. This is Also BOE! Check the AH, but I am willing to bet you'd have to pay a pretty penny for this. Looks like it's best obtained by farming the elites in Uldaman seeing as 98% of the mobs that drop it are elites in Uldaman... >_> I'm going to need luck for this one too.

Offhand - Mistyreed Torch Another BOE so check the AH. This seems to drop off Elites in all those damn Zangarmarsh/Terrokar dungeons. Mana-Tombs, The Underbog, Slave Pens....Mana-Tombs and The Underbog look like your best farming options. 

Happy Farming! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing, plz keep going and I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Love seeing a creative set come together, even better when you can AH most of it! good job xD