Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dearest Dreamy

Dreamy, I know we've had some great times, and you were my very first wow character. We laughed, we cried, we grinded the hell out of rep and trolled a lot of people. You were this familiar thing that I associated myself with. You were a beautiful blood elf with ebony hair and crimson red lips. I would paint you, but I cannot do your perfect form justice.

Screw it, I'll try anyways.

There.... just pretend like she is not partially deformed. I will leave this picture here, in tribute to you, and though I never liked blood elves, I will always cherish our memories together as you were.

Dreamy, it's time for us to create new memories...

Especially now that you're a KICK ASS BURLY TAUREN WOMAN


Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, THE SHATTERING HAPPENED. It was all very exciting and people were excited and exciting changes happened. Everything changed and new race/class combos became available!!!!!!!!!@!@23234242

Sidenote: I have been waiting to create an undead hunter for a long time. Ever since I heard they were going to be available I have had an alt devoted to collecting things for him, holding heirlooms, engineering things (because I wanted him to have goggles and guns and look SUPER COOL STEAM PUNK UNDEAD HUNTER OH YEAH!!) and I've even had another alt there JUST to reserve the name I wanted for him.

The night of, I log in and.....


I excitedly leveled him and loved him and wanted to get him the COOLEST PET EVER. So after I hit level 10 I began to look for cool new pets. On my way I came across a diseased bear of some sort and figured I'd try out my new tame pet ability! woooo.

I tame him and name him "BeepBeep" and I love BeepBeep already, he's so fat and cute, and he's just an all around cool bear. However, I wanted a raptor! Dinosaurs are so awesome and I knew I could get one in the barrens, so I put BeepBeep away and went to the barrens. After exploring and falling into that GOD DAMN CRACK IN THE ASS OF THE BARRENS I figured I'd just tame one and get out. I named him Cheesesteak and I love him just as much as Beep Beep. To show you how much I love them, here is a picture of them dancing together:


Enough of that. Later, I couldn't help but noticing almost everyone around me were troll druids, my guild was filled with them, the questing zones I was in, cities, and even all my friends were turning into troll druids. Don't get me wrong, I looooovvveeee trolls and I loovvveee druids....but WHAT THE SHIT.