Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer time!

Decided to do a little redesign for the summer. I was sketching a troll gal in a bikini with a beer earlier and figured, hey I'm in the summer spirit and my blog should be too! It was looking pretty drab anyway because I got a bit lazy with it. As of now I'm just sitting here drinking a diet pepsi and trying to figure out if I want to play wow. Yesterday I got way too excited because I went into LFR with Ping and she got not one, but TWO sha touched claws. I rejoiced! Ping got her good weapons before poor Dreamy. Its not for lack of trying on Dreamy though, I've been trying to get her a damn mace...ANY damn mace from LFR with NO luck despite my rolling need every time on the multiple bosses that drop maces on more than a few occasions. I guess Dreamy just has bad luck.... OH SHIT NEW NOSTALGIA CRITIC. G2G.

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