Friday, May 11, 2012

Shaman Transmog: The Elements

I've made two sets for this post. I actually was requested to make a set for my friend Paul (Boulderface) and his character is also modeling for these sets. YAY orc models. I've created one set for fire and one for water with red and blue colors.

Element of water set: (Blue)
This water set is mostly pieces of the Skyshatter set, which has some lovely blues, but there are some other elements mixed in as well.  The belt and the shoes you can feel free to change since they are really nothing special (You can barely see the shoes) so feel free to substitute anything that matches in case you don't feel like farming these. :)

Head: Mask of the howling storm ( Mana-Tombs )
Shoulders: Skyshatter Shoulderpads  from a vendor ( Tydormu )
Chest: Skyshatter Chestguard ( same vendor as shoulders)
Waist: Naturalist's Preserving Cinch ( Black Temple ) 
Legs: Heroes' Earthshatter legguards (  Vault of Archavon 10p )
Hands: Skyshatter Gloves ( same vendor as shoulders )
Feet: Defender Boots ( BoE world drop )
Axe: Frost Bite ( HORDE ONLY. Bought from frostwolf supply officers for  175 honor )
Shield: Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight ( ICC 10 )

Element of fire set: (Red)
Good thing about this set (aside from the fact that it is such a lovely reddish orange color, is the fact that there are some very easy pieces to get here. Ragnaros is a very easy one, and whenever I run molten core, I usually see this helm drop. Secondly we have AQ, another easy one, and a leather working piece. Other things you may need some friends for unless you're an awesome solo artist. 

Head: Crown of Destruction ( Ragnaros, Molten Core)
Shoulders: Valorous Earthshatter Spaulders ( Bought with: Mantle of the Lost Protector - Naxxramas )
Chest: Stormcallers Hauberk ( AQ )
Waist: Girdle of the Dauntless Conquerer ( TOC heroic )
Legs: Valorous Eathshatter Leggards ( Vault of Archavon normal 25 )
Hands: Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets (Sunwell Plateau )
Feet: Hurricane Boots ( Leatherworking )
Axe: Hellscream Slicer ( TOC normal 25 )
Sheild: Pulsing Spellshield (Ulduar normal 10 )


  1. Oooooo! I love both of these! Ultra shamany-looking, especially with the belt on the red one. I may have to stay looking for some of those pieces for Euph. ;)

  2. Hmm,this website tells me to make shaman. <3

  3. love these sets but i run an enhancement Sham. I'd love to see what you think would be a good off hand xmog.

  4. Wauw these sets are awesome, but...
    Might wonder another chestpiece for the red one.
    : Consider 2 x [Claw of Molten Fury/Fist of Molten Fury] for enhancement.

  5. Titan-Forged Waistguard of Dominance is same as the belt for fire element but u can buy it for 280 honor in wintergrasp :)