Monday, April 9, 2012

Plate Transmog: Burnt Sapphire

This set was inspired by the helmet. I loved the rusted red color with the bright blue accents. I decided I needed to design a set around it. My paladin is currently using this set (Minus the shield and mace), but I'm modeling it on Frikky. It looks really nice on a bloodelf female as well, actually the nice thing about this set on a female is it exposes the midriff which looks really cool with how hardcore the rest of the set looks. Most of these items are pretty easy to obtain and some can be bought on the AH.

(same model as the other two specs plate shoulders)
Mace - Titansteel Guardian (Blacksmithing)


  1. Love the look, the shield and mace compliment it perfectly. Well done!! =)

  2. Pretty cool. If you were to go retribution might work