Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road....

The last minute before the mass server kick to update to the shattering.

Goodbye old world. I barely knew ye. For the last few minutes people were running around hugging eachother and talking about "The good ol' times" in a big circle, smack dab in the center of Org. Almost brings a tear to your eye.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Night Hate.

Sunday nights are always a bust. No one gets on wow, and the people that do are too lazy/lethargic to do anything. I spent most of my day farming welps/not giving a shit with a fellow guildie. He eventually got offline though, I'm not sure if he ended up drinking too much or having a Guns N' Roses overdose or WHAT.

I saw the news about the shattering apparently happening this Tuesday (TO-FUCKING-MORROW) and I freaked, got back in game and demanded someone run ZG with me.

I wanted one last shot that damn tiger mount before I let my hopes and dreams of a cat mount go spiraling into the dark deep abyss of never.

didn't get it.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rum Raiders

What a luxurious saturday, filled with free time to play games and drink booze. Tonight was less lonely, albeit a bit more stressful as guild runs were a must. We haven't had this many people on in what seemed like months.

Side note: Our guild is....how may I put this lightly.....FUCKING RETARDED. I'm not bashing, I'm just stating truths. Without fail, every night we raid, pvp or...pretty much do ANYTHING. At LEAST half of our guild is drunk, high or tired. Maybe even all 3. Now, I'm not saying this is bad. I'm actually glad we roll like this. No stress, no QQ, aint nothin' but a good time and a party wherever we may roam. HOWEVER. There are times when we have the biggest "DERP" moments that I could even imagine.

Half the time we spend yelling at each other about things that don't make sense. It's not a real thing, but just saying every now and then, someone will yell something like "BITCH, YOU AINT GOT NO HOTDOGS CAUSE I ATE THEM ALL, HOW THAT MAKE YOU FEEL TIT SHIT?!!" soon, without warning, guild chat spirals out of control with the strength of 20 trolls trying to troll each other...nevermind the fact that they are DRUNK.

This usually ends with everyone quitting the guild after or during a raid, while trying to regroup and move onto the next raid.

Like so:

Eventually, everyone is invited back and we move on.

Our raids tend to be a tank and spank affair. We try to include all the people we possibly can who are online. We had a new guildie who was level 60-something, so we decided to do an AQ-40.

Everything seems to be going well. It's a regular tank and spank for the most part. THEN......We stumbled upon the TWIN EMPERORS boss fight. We began to fight like we had been fighting the entire time: Tank and spank. It seems we had underestimated our fight, and none of us knew about it. They were constantly resetting aggro and healing eachother....and soooooooooooooo:

Yeah, we freaked and hearthed. Later on I was informed as to what we had done wrong by a fellow guildie who's vent wasn't working at the time.

NOW WE KNOW THE BATTLE. NOW WE SHALL KICK THEIR ASSES OFF. ....eventually. If we ever feel like doing it again.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vodka + PvP

Here I am, 2:26am saturday morning. Drinking vodka, staring at my screen. I am really trying to retain my excitement for cataclysm. The game is just BORING now. Guild is empty, I'm standing in Dalaran, bored off my tits. I figure "HEY. IM GONNA PVP. WOOO, HONOR POINTS FOREVERRRRRR!"

I am at that point in the night where I've drank so much that I feel AWESOME.

Whenever I play games when I'm at that perfect drunk I feel as though I kick so much ass that people might actually notice and think "Holy shit!, that person is INSANE" and I take notice, in my head I am unstoppable.

Then afterwards I often wonder if I just think this way because I had been drinking for hours before hand....what if...I'm really bad? What if I think I look like THAT but instead I look more along the lines of

We win anyway. We're the horde, and as the winning tallies pop declaring our victory a teamate some where in the distance /yells "LOL FAGS"